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Ice Products

Bagged Ice:

Our Tube style ice comes in two bag sizes: 7lb bags and 21lb bags (sold in our store only)

Dry Ice:

In the case of electrical outages, dry ice provides an alternative.
Some tips and safety precautions for using dry ice:
  • 10-15 pounds of dry ice usually lasts about 3 days.
  • When picking up the dry ice, we recommend you bring along a medium sized cooler.
  • Securely wrap your food with plastic wrap before placing them in the cooler.
  • Don’t put dry ice in the freezer, leave it in the cooler and put the food in with the dry ice.
  • Dry Ice is extremely cold, -109°F (-78°C). Avoid contact with skin and eyes; use gloves and safety glasses in handling.
  • Do not ingest.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Dry Ice expands as it changes from a solid to a gas; do not keep in stoppered or tightly closed containers.
  • Store in a safe place away from people.
  • Be sure storage area has adequate ventilation.